Our Training

Current Class Offerings

We currently have class on Saturday mornings only. The class is a mixed class for students of all levels.  The training is held outdoors, and we train in street clothing.

The cost of each class is $5 payable per class in cash (and we don’t make change).

Why no dojo?

It is the philosophy of the chief instructor that training should be practiced in realistic clothing and in a realistic environment.  If you are train and dependent on loose fitting clothing in practice, it is possibly life threatening in an actual self-defense situation to be surprised at the limitations of one’s attire.

Just like the fighter jet and its missiles are a weapon system, our clothing and body conditioning (the jet) places limits on our ability to deliver punches and kicks (the missile). Your body will deliver a punch to the target differently in summer clothing than a winter parka.

Why such a low cost?

Many people feel that if something is expensive, then it is by necessity better.  That is not always a valid assumption.  Just think of the value of a beautiful sunrise that is completely free.

The grand-master of our system once made the statement that instructors should charge for teaching; but to be warned not to teach our art as a livelihood. To use his words, “If you do, then you will be forced to teach in a way to draw in students to put food in your mouth. And that will mean that you are prostituting our training.”

The fee that is assessed is enough to cover the instructor’s  ongoing annual training costs  and is therefore sufficient.

However, if you feel the compelled to seek more expensive training, in a comfy dojo, and wear pretty pajamas, feel free to search elsewhere.